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There are a few pictures dealing with the different cuts of meat. As you can see it can be very overwhelming when ordering for the first time, especially if you haven't cooked some of the different cuts of meat. 

We would suggest going with the usual cuts first, and grow from there. You can order steaks, hamburger patties, hamburger meat, hot dogs, sausage, and beef sticks (for hot dogs, sausage and beef sticks you need at least 20 lbs of each to process). For hot dogs and beef sticks, you might be better off splitting it with someone else you know. 

On the Brand Acres Beef Facebook page (, we are always adding recipes you can cook with the different cuts of meat. Another good resource for learning about different cuts and how to cook it is to go to school. Beef University is an online, self learning school that is free to do. It will not only help you to understand the cuts, but the beef industry in general too. Here is the link. 

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