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The process of ordering whole sale beef has a lot of moving parts, so by writing down the order of how the process is supposed to take place, this should help with some of the confusion. Always feel free to contact us at all during the process. 

  1. Contact Brand Acres Beef, and we will let you know when the next available animal is going in to be processed. 

  2. Within two weeks of the animal going in, Brand Acres Beef will contact you to confirm you are still interested in healthy grassfed beef. If you are a new customer, we will require a down payment before the animal is sent in for processing. 

  3. The animal will go in to Roskom Meats to be processed. You should contact Roskom with your cutting order. Or you can go on Roskom's website and order your cuts online. If you buy a quarter you will be getting cuts from all parts of the animal, not just one quarter of the animal. Please check out the different cuts of beef page on our website. 

  4. Roskom will call you when the processing of the beef is done and you will pick up the meat at their store. 

  5. You will pay for the cost of processing done by Roskom Meats at this time.

  6. After you have picked up the meat, you will pay Brand Acres Beef the market price of grass fed beef for the hanging weight (the weight of the meat you received). If you are a new customer, you may have paid a down payment before the meat was sent in for processing. This payment will be taken off your final bill. 

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